R5D2 – Tentative / Lazy / Bad Timing

I was all ready to go today with day 2 of the RKC but after I got home, looked after the baby while my wife went to the gym and ate some of the delicious chili I made I was not really feeling up to it. So I decided to wait until after I coached meaning when 8pm rolled around I had to drive home and face a workout. This was not ideal, however, I stuck to my guns and at least did my 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups and also did several cleans to try and understand how you are supposed to do that without extensive bruising to the forearm. I figured I had better work it out now before I have to do lots of them during the next stage. I was supposed to do a WOD also but I couldn’t face it even though I had toyed with the idea of doing this:

10 Burpees
1 Chin Up
9 Burpees
2 Chin Ups

1 Burpee
10 Chin Ups

Oh well. It’s chest, bench and dips today so I should be able to handle that even though I have to coach, again, at 8pm.

BTW I did the TGU with the 45lb KB, something which I have not tried before and I was, at several points, fearing for my life, specifically my face which was directly under the bell. Nothing like motivation to keep hold of the bar.

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