R5D1 – Swinging Back Into Action

January 11, 2011


RKC 1_1

Up there is the Minimum workout for 2 of the days of week 1. The second part is below which will be augmented with the WOD, or should I say, a WOD of my choosing. In order not to get stagnated on doing specific ones, I will try to pick from the previous week WOD only.

RKC 1_2

As you can tell, the second workout is pretty easy, a warmup and 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups. That’s why I will be adding something in. Since I am also splitting out a day for deadlifts and bench I will try to find a WOD with bodyweight moves and pullups if possible.

So last night was day 1 of the RKC Program Minimum which is basically just two handed swings working to perfect form. I still have a hard time with the form, constantly thinking about my body position, hand├é┬áposition, swing height and so on. I have to assume it will get easier once I find a groove for the swing. The active rest is something you can make as easy or hard as you want. I tried to keep my HR below 160 so I ended up doing Jumping Jacks, push ups, chin ups and free squats for my rest along with some light jogging in place. I managed to get through 5 sets of swings and therefore 6 sets of active rest. I’m a little sore today across the lower back and glutes which is a good sign. I don’t think being sore just on the lower back is what I need right now.

My feeling about kettlebells right now? Pretty positive, it seems to be a thorough full body movement and a pretty taxing workout. You have to be careful about the height of your swings, too high is a real danger to your back as you try to slow the weight down at the bottom. But overall, I think I am going to like this.

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