Round 4 Day 39 – Cardio, Power and Resistance

Today was a piece of cake. It was supposed to be Pure Cardio but since I did that last time I thought I would change it up and do CPR instead. This is a pretty easy workout as far as insanity goes, I am not sure why. Maybe because some of it is bodyweight work and I can do that all day. Anyway, I felt good, it went by in a flash and that is always good news. Of course, I wore my VFF’s and even though my big toenail is sore it didn’t feel sore in the shoes.

My FitDay process is also still going strong but I seem to really lack behind in my calorie count. I am down 15lbs in about 4 weeks though so I guess that is why. My strength isn’t down, neither is my cardio so I guess everything is still OK. I do have a lot to burn still, being 265 isn’t exactly borderline supermodel so I am not going to start worrying just yet.

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