R4 D56 – Best Laid Plans and a new WOD for time (and injury)

The great thing about life is you can plan all you like, you just never know what will happen next. The plan was to do P90X chest and back, but since I know better I thought I would make my own WOD and do that instead. So I did this:

For time, x 5, 2 minute rest between sets

30 wide push ups + 10 wide pull ups
30 regular push ups + 10 reverse pull ups
30 military push ups + 10 narrow pull ups

My results were less than stellar: 4:50, 4:05, 4:30, 5:20, fail

My shoulders and forearms were on fire afterwards and since I still have an issue with my left forearm and elbow I was in quite a mess. Also, I was slated to coach for 3 hours later and so I was not impressed with what I had done. Coaching didn’t help things and after I was done I had a lingering pain in my shoulder, I think I may have strained something, hopefully not my rotator cuff but I am certain something isn’t right. I have done a similar thing before while trying to get to my 400lb bench a couple of years ago. I developed a very painful shoulder and had to give up doing bench all together for about 8 months while it healed. It seems OK now, although I don’t strictly bench much any more. I find that as I get older these things seem to bother me more and last longer than before. All I can do now is protect it and hope it heals soon. Of course, that throws a wrench into the plan for a big finish to my round 4 especially since I was supposed to do Max Cardio today and then shoulders and arms tomorrow. I think I am going to call that workout Sally since it seems like you should be able to do it without a problem and if you can’t, Sally, then maybe you should go back to your stretch class and grab a Kleenex…

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