R4 D50 – Rest Week Part II

Since I am not strictly sticking to the 6 days on 1 off routine of P90X or Insanity, I am thinking that a whole week of rest is going to be a little excessive. So since a change is as good as a rest I am thinking that 4 days should suffice and of those 4 days 2 should be Yoga for the simple reason that I haven’t done it in a while and my tolerance is way up for twisting myself into a ball and trying to wrap my spine into a twizzler. I thought I was going to bag my rest week plan and sub some Crossfit instead but now I look at the schedule, it actually seems pretty appealing.

That means yoga tonight.

Well, at least I can rest assured that I will be on par with these ladies:

Namaste TV Bloopers

Follow Yoga (Fountain of Youth Yoga) with Core, Cardio and Balance and then Core Synergistics and you have a pretty quiet week with lots of muscle lengthening stretching and flexibility. On thr 4th day I may even go the whole hog and do Yoga X… We shall see.

As far as my workout schedule is going, I read this today over at “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and liked it’s simplicity.

How about a weekly plan?

Monday – Strength training – Upper body pushing movement [Anaerobic – ATP]

Tuesday – Sprints [Anaerobic – ATP + glycogen]

Wednesday – Strength training – Upper body pulling movement [Anaerobic – ATP]

Thursday – Yoga/slow biking/walking/jogging for 30-50 mins [Aerobic]

Friday – 10-20min high intensity conditioning workout [Anaerobic – ATP + glycogen]

Saturday – Strength training – Lower body [Anaerobic – ATP]

Sunday – Rest

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