G-Day 6 – Kenpo with a twist

The more I modify the system, the more I feel involved and like a willing participant. Doing this thing the second time around can get a little repetitive and so even during the DVDs that I followed with such venom previously I am finding ways to make things different. Today was Kenpo, one of the workouts that I will stick with for this 3 month adventure however I am looking at ways of changing it up a bit. However, due to the fast pace and cleverly crafted add-a-move configuration it was almost impossible. I wish that there were some modifications on the DVD that would make it a little more advanced at times. I am already doing jump kicks and roundhouses and backfist combinations to up the complexity but I am running out of ideas. Watching “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike TV helps and I find myself stealing some of the training moves I see during the show. I don’t want to sink to the level of breaking out the wife’s Tae Bo DVDs but I will have to see. For the time being, I will have to put up with Tony “I’m a fan” and Phil “Don’t try too hard” for my Kenpo workout. Pity that FITBOMB had to reveal Phil for the lazy slacker that he is, every time I watch the DVD all I can do is stare at his pathetic horse stance and grind my teeth together…

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