Day 67 – Yoga Can Lay My hardwood… Maybe


You see this is the problem with 90 days of journalling, eventually you get bored and so do I of the same discussion about how I can’t wrap my arm under my leg and around my waist like a human pretzel or how my elbow hurts when I do pullups. Those things are still important but repetitive. I am planning to scan my workout sheets and post them so that anyone doing the program will be able to see the changes in the weights and reps I have been doing but ultimately that is only going to be a few posts at most.

hardwood darkFor now, you will have to put up with my tangential rantings until something really weird or cool happens with my P90X journey that I just have to write about. Until then, we are in cruise control for the next week or so until it is time to lay the hardwood floor and then time to go back to coaching. At that point I will be able to tell if all this has been worth it. I am hoping that in some really bizarre twist of fate that yoga will help me lay my hardwood floor.

We shall see.

At the very least, my prediction that P90X would help me with coaching should meet it’s test. When I started, even though I was confident that I would be able to stick with it and finish, I was just hoping that it would help me to get over the inevitable soreness and potential back injury that comes with the first few weeks of coaching. Throwing small children around (and some not so small after a summer of PS3 or Facebook) brings with it a myriad of risks for me, hopefully this year I will have worked hard enough to mitigate those risks.

Speak of the devil, today is yoga day! I am heading to work now so I will fill you in on the gory details later.

Later… Yoga was horrible today. My balance was off, my arms felt like jello and it is really hard to clear your mind for almost 90 minutes when I am thinking about the hardwood installation every spare minute. I found out that apparently carpet underlay is not the right stuff for hardwood underlayment. I also found out that our main floor upon which the hardwood will lay is actually 2 different floors, one wood and one a skim coat of concrete. Very weird. It may be that the skim coat of concrete is actually only over by the kitchen since that area is tiled. I am not sure but what I am sure of is I am going to have some surprises when I take up that carpet. As I said Yoga was not good today and in fact I found myself thinking of checking out some TV Yoga as a bit of a break. Tony would not be impressed I am sure. However, I remain committed, which this close to the end is becoming increasingly difficult. I find that I am not really finish line driven which is bizarre for someone so competitive. I find that once I get close to the end of something I tend to lose interest. Kind of like the way Nicole always gets up to leave 5 minutes before the end of almost every show we watch. Maybe I am more of an eat the best bits and leave the rest person instead of a clear my plate person. Somehow that doesn’t sound like me though. The point being that finishing this program will be the hardest part. Starting was tough enough, making it through to day 68 has been killer but I just know that performing that last 8-14 days is going to be the real test for me.

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