Day 37 – The Wobblies


I decided today that I would workout as soon as I got back from work instead of eating, resting and working out at arounnd 6pm. My legs were weak and wobbly, and I am not sure if it was due to lack of food or just that I was tired after the weekend cardio. Either way, the workout was hard today, my quads were burning for a lot of the time but since I am very familiar with the Plyometrics program now it was easy to focus on the finish line and power through the pain. I have to be careful doing this due to my back issues, once my legs get weak, my back has to take an additional load which can lead to my nerves pinching again. However, I seem to be pretty good at pushing just far enough these days that I got an amazing workout and didn’t cripple myself.

It has been raining here the last few days, but the humidity that Toronto is known and despised for has returned. Today I was drenched in sweat since I work out in the gym in the basement with the patio doors open. There was a warm, sticky breeze and the air was difficult to get any refreshment from. Luckily I had my freezing cold water to help but the relief was agonizingly temporary. I felt at times like I was inside an oven staring through the glass door trying to get out… Not a comfortable feeling at all.

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