Day 34 – Tricking myself.

I find myself in the routine, able to predict how sore or tired I will be and looking forward to the Sunday rest day when I can do a little cardio on the treadmill or outside and take a day off from beating myself up. This is not a bad thing, it is not a rut, it’s a routine. I have been trying to imagine in my mind what the basement would look like if I knocked out a wall down there and created an entire room for the gym instead of having the small desk and the couch against the wall. Other than the aesthetic appeal, I don’t think it would give me much more functional room. Having spent lots of time thinking about moving stuff about in the house I spent the majority of the day, while Nicole was out at a Trainers course, cleaning up the garage and rearranging all the shelving etc. It was a monumental job to do and I was really proud once I finally got round to starting it. It still requires some finishing touches but for now the garage is almost done. Once it is finished I can get to work building and fixing all the stuff on my list including the TV shelf, the stereo in the Jeep and maybe even getting started on taking the wall down in the main living room.

The reason that I mention all this is because I was astonished at my energy levels and mobility. Usually I overcome the shortcomings in my flexibility or range of motion with brute strength. This time however I found myself bending and twisting into corners without a problem, preferring to inch myself into tight spaces to get the job done instead of my past solution of getting a bigger hammer. What is even more weird is the fact that as I was contorting myself around the shelving units I caught myself thinking of the name of the yoga pose I was in. Tres bizarre.

Even after a day of work in the garage I was still able to get the Kenpo workout done. As usual, I was not sure I would be able to do it however a long, long time ago I made a deal with myself regarding my workouts. The deal was that when I didn’t feel like going to the gym I would go anyway and if I still didn’t feel like it after the first 10 minutes then I was allowed to leave. I wasn’t allowed to quit up front without trying but I was allowed to throw in the towel if I had at least tried. Up to this day I have never caved after that first 10 minutes even though there have been countless days where I have made the deal with myself. Today was one of those days. I though I would do the warm-up and see how I felt. Doing that is kind of like giving a dog a bone, once I have it, I won’t give up. Around 10 minutes in I found myself pushing harder, trying to improve on my last session and I laughed a little at my ability to trick my own lazy subconscious. I felt good enough that after I was done I took some day 34 pictures to show my 1/3 distance progress. I still haven’t decided if I will publish those photos…

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