Day 11 – Postponed due to illness – July 1 2009

canadaheartHappy Canada Day!

Unfortunately I spent my whole Canada Day in bed with what I can only describe as the stomach flu. The cramping was incredibly painful at times and I felt dizzy and disoriented. The worst thing is not the sickness but knowing that a day in bed means my back is going to be incredibly sore tomorrow and I will probably not be able to do Yoga then either! That means I will have had 2 days off and most likely will have a sore back for a week.

My diet consisted of a handful of shreddies, a pitifully small amount of oatmeal and a banana. Oh, and a shake. All prepared by my wonderful wife as I lay upstairs in bed.

Being sick sucks. Being sick and knowing that you have a few days of excruciating back pain to look forward to is monumentally worse.

I hope everyone else’s Canada Day was better than mine!

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