R7D47-9 – Picking Up The Pace (and a shocking statistic)

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It’s funny how a little thing like a new heart rate monitor can affect your whole attitude and approach to your workouts. At some time we are all guilty of getting in a rut and forgetting that topping up your motivation is as important as topping your salad with avocado. Also, rewards play a really […]

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R7D23 – The Hills

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Standing all day yesterday at my new upright desk made my legs tired. I knew when I got home that I was going to have to go and run somewhere to get my running muscles back into shape before Warrior Dash. So after a quick rest on the couch and once the baby was in […]

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G-Day 4 – 5K Run for Charity

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Share the outdoors with your kids. They will thank you for it (even if they are 40 before they do…)   Rather than spend my time alone in the basement, I took the opportunity to go on the 30th Annual Howl On The Hill 5k run with my wife and some kids from her Fit […]

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I Ran (G-Day 2 – Plyo Substitute)

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Knee pain? Hip pain? Low back pain while running? Check your ITB. As I was preparing to go down to the basement to do Plyo with Tony, the ever modest, humble Tony, I recalled something he says during the Plyo workout. “You should see me play hoops after doing this for a couple of months… […]

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