Following Through – Winter 2012 Part I

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Since Wednesday when I did the last bootcamp it was the first test of my resolve to get my winter schedule up to speed. On Thursday I think I did the last of my Olympic lifting for the year, barring a warm spell because it’s getting very cold out in the garage. As a quick […]

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R9D31&32 – Bootcamp Weights Plus Finally A Gap Day Workout (Plyocide)

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<– Plyocide depth charge alternate, step up then step into tuck jump. Bootcamp this week was poorly attended but nevertheless it was a tough one using 35lb plates in addition to the 8lb med balls. This was only the second time the participants had been able to move heavy weight around and I think it […]

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R9D21/2 – X2 Core And Plyocide

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I have to admit to feeling lazy this past week. I feel like I have eaten too many nuts and it’s making me lethargic. If I was still addicted to the scale I am sure that I would find a couple of pounds extra. However, in the spirit of the New Year I am going […]

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R9D2 – P90X2 – Plyocide Review

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It’s Friday today, if I get home early enough I will complete this bad boy, if not, it will have to wait until tomorrow since I have to coach today. This morning I felt great after X2 Core yesterday, my knot in my back is gone, thanks to the foam rolling I guess. The workout […]

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