Just to be clear

I wanted to post a little something about my recent foray back into what most would consider weight training. That is to say good old fashioned bench press! I really just wanted to make sure I had documented the type and the volume of workouts that I have been doing. Let’s take this week for an example. On Monday I had a short bootcamp which was mainly just abs since I had decided I would use march break as a rest week of sorts. However on Tuesday I decided to go with bench press and close grip bench. Bench was first and since it’s been a LOOOONG time since I did any benching I was only able to get up to 265lbs but I started at 95 which was, well, rather embarrassing actually. I did the following:

4×10 95
3×10 115
2×10 135
2×10 165
2×10 185
2×10 225
2×5 265

I calculated the total out to be a shade under 20,000lbs which is a little light compared to the 30K I used to do for major bodyparts. Since I was pretty happy with myself and I knew I realized that I needed some bicep work I figured I would do some straight bar curls the next day to get a solid workout done. I made out the same calculations and got to a total of around 10Klbs which isn’t bad however I only managed to get up to 115lbs. Not too impressive. I guess I am a little restless because I haven’t been planning or recording like I used to. The Olympic lifting is great but I find I am often sore across the low back and have to make up a workout to keep it safe. Whatever it is, I have found myself back on the bench and enjoying it, I still feel that no matter how fit I am, there is nothing like feeling that raw beast strength.

On The Rebound?

It’s no coincidence that my ongoing struggle with this mysterious 8lbs I have gained is going hand in hand with my inability to keep up to date here. My focus is on work and family rather than on my fitness at this point and I need to redress the balance.

Last week was a strange one, I was on training all week and so after bootcamp monday I did a workout on tuesday but I can’t remember what it was. I think it was probably Tapout XT and tehn another bootcamp on Wednesday. Thursday was olympic lifting, Friday I was off and Saturday I think was a P90X2 workout. Sunday my wife and I went to the new gym up the street for a laugh and I did some push press work and some chinups. It’s now Monday and we are back to bootcamp which should look something like this:

Decending ascending

15 Curls
10 Curl and press
5 Burpee curl and press

15 high pull
10 high pull front raise
5 high pull front raise side raise

15 crunch
10 crunch vsnap
5 crunch vsnap bicycle

15 flat leg lift
10 leg lift vsnap
5 leg lift vsnap full situp

15 squat
10 squat mk
5 squat mk front lunge

15 curls
15 high pull
15 crunch
15 vsnap
15 squat

5 burpee curl
5 burpee curl and press
10 military
10 military row
15 pushup
15 pushup in and out

10 knee curls
10 laying tri cross extension
10 laying pullovers
10 laying fly

Back Twinge – That Was Close!

14913aThursday after bootcamp I was too tired to work out and I had very little time to work with so on Friday I did my RKC workout at work. In fact, it was a run through of the Art Of Strength Providence DVD with my 45lbKB so it wasn’t incredibly taxing. That night however I was coaching and during the conditioning at the end of class I stumbled during a 24″ block jump and may have exacerbated an already sore lower back. As I got up on Saturday I felt sore, I was having cramping during the night so I knew I wasn’t in good shape. A few minutes after sitting down for breakfast I got that familiar searing pain in my lower back and since the last time it happened I spent 10 days off my schedule I was more than an little pissed off. So I filled my face with anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants and it wasn’t until a couple of hours later that I realized I had over done the medication. I was pretty comatose for all of Saturday and not much better on Sunday. However, I am slightly happier to report that after Monday off for Family Day I am feeling better. I got back to mobility as fast as I could and did another chest and tricep bench workout in the afternoon after which I felt much better. It is now Tuesday and of course I am on my feet at work but my back is feeling OK. I  hope I can do a short P90X2 workout tonight and be in shape for a cardio abs workout tomorrow before coaching. If everything goes well, I should be back to normal on Thursday having dodged and enormous bullet. The last thing I wanted was to be on my back filled with painkillers on my birthday. I am sure that would have only magnified any lingering feelings of old age that I am bound to feel tomorrow…