Day 56 – Weekend that was. Phase 3 that will be…


Rest Week comes to a close.

My last few days of rest week were definitely restful. My diet has not been stellar the last couple of weeks and I can feel myself lacking the energy and the drive I had at the start. I need to concentrate more on my intake and balancing my live food. This weekend we went to Penetang to see the family, but I was able to do 35 mins on the treadmill on Saturday and then Yoga Sunday. However, my diet foibles have cause me to feel like I am going backwards. I am sure that with the final 4 weeks ahead of me I will get the motivation mojo back but right now I just feel flabby and lazy. Amazing what just a couple of days will do to you. As a side note, we saw Melissa O’Neil live in “Legends of Country Music” in Penetang. The show was good, she was amazing and I found it really hard to believe that it was 4 years since the Canadian Idol win.

I really should have done more this weekend but it was so damn hot. Almost 40 outside with the humidex so impossible to do anything really. I even got a sunburn on my arm from driving to the highway, at least when we got there the sun was behind us. Stupid untinted windows.

Anyway, not much to report at this point, the end of rest week which in itself is largely uneventful. The main thing is that I get my diet back on track for the next week when Phase 3 kicks in. I need my energy for the pullups and the cardio since it is really time to step up the effort for the final push.