DVDs Are Back

dvdchairMixed in with the bootcamp classes I have been doing DVDs again, since it’s been below zero a lot here lately. So far I have done Insanity Plyo, P90X2 PAP Upper, P90X2 Plyocide and I have to admit I am getting bitten by the indoor bug again. I thought I would curse not being able to do Olympic lifting and RKC but I think that replacing them with fun, entertaining workouts is just the ticket.

Today I am hoping to do something cardio related since it’s my 4 day on stint and I have to mix in some Yoga or Balance too. I also have to try and use this as more of a record of my progress and affection for the workouts since I have a possibility of something like 58 DVD workouts to choose from. That includes Insanity Asylum which I think I will probably never do again because it just irritates me too much.

My go to DVD? Don’t really have one but I am going to try and fit as much P90X2 into my program as I can just to become more familiar with it since I think it’s got the best research behind it and even though I hate to admit it the best cast. If you don’t agree, just try Tapout XT or Body Beast and you will come grovelling back to Tony for forgiveness!