R11D25-28 – Weekend Away

westernI took Friday off, which seems to be a pattern for me nowadays, something about making it through the week and knowing I should be able to do big lifts on the weekend. We were out of town this weekend in London, Ontario visiting my alma mater The University of Western Ontario and going to a Raffi concert on Sunday. That meant the usual obstacles to my workouts including an incredibly stressful 3 hour drive in the snowstorm to get there, a hotel full of idiot hockey parents and their equally annoying offspring running around the halls. So I locked myself in my room and did 500 squats, something that even now, 2 days later I am regretting. Once home, I was faced with a fot of snow so I shovelled what I needed to in order to get out the snowblower. It was still a good 20 minute workout getting everything lined up. After that, I decided I would see if I could do 500 pushups but after 250 I gave up since I was in danger of landing on my face. Not the greatest improvisation in the world, I really should have taken my kettlebell and swung it around down by the pool smashing as many ugly hockey faces as I could.

So I have decided to do a short 2 week assessment of my eating habits, I have a sneaking suspicion that my <100g of carbs a day is a little out of whack and I need to get back in line if I am to drop the 10 lbs I have remaining after my surgery. And since it’s coming up on a year, I really have no excuse. All I can say is that I had better be back below 235 before my anniversary kicks in on April 24th. That’s still about 80 days from now or…

80 days can be converted to one of these units:
6,912,000 seconds
115,200 minutes
1920 hours
80 days
11 weeks (rounded down)

Plenty of time, right? I know from past experience that being accountable to Fitday is a great place to start as long as you are honest with yourself. 80 days at an average of 30 minutes per workout and an 80% hit rate is only 32 hours of working out. That seems easy enough!