R5D7 – Progress

It was time for RKC swings again. I am less concerned with my back now and more concerned with the hip snap you are supposed to have with doing KB swings. Not only that, I have started to become aware that in 12 minutes, doing 6 sets of swings is not really great. Although I started with 4 and am now up to 6 sets, I think I can do better especially since it is only sets of 20 swings. I am, however, moving in the right direction. I think there is a jump in frequency or reps come week 3 so soon enough the work volume will increase.

I am still having a hard time with the lack of total time spent working out. I know that just like my diet, it is hard to get my head around the new science especially when you have not only been told certain things, but taught others certain things for so long. The one glaring indicator that I am doing the right thing is my max heart rate on my HR monitor that casually sat around 130 or so during most P90X workouts, and maybe got to 145 during Insanity but now without exception shows 160+ every day I am doing these new workouts. I just can’t shake the feeling that I need to work out longer… I am sure it will pass especially since I see my wife going to the gym doing the requisite hour to 90 minute standard workout and just thinking about being there that long nowadays bores the pants off me. By the way, if you are working out without a HR monitor, really think about investing in one. It is a great objective indicator of effort.

I am at a mini plateau with my weight. I hit sub 250 and have been loitering. I need to push a little to get over the hump if I am to hit 240 by the time my birthday rolls around at the end of February.