R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.8 – Back To Core (sucks). Chihuahua of Donkeys

So my wife is not impressed with my admission that I want to reclaim my handstand ability. I told her it was more like donkey kicks and realizing that she may not know about the Shetland Pony I was reduced to comparing myself to a very small donkey, the Chihuahua of donkeys if you will. It was a mute point for today because it was time for Back to Core which is now my least favourite workout on IA and in fact may be the worst workout video in the entire series of P90X, Insanity and IA. I would go so far as to say it is worse than P90X Kenpo and that is really saying something. It is a weird, disjointed attempt to work the back without pull ups, something that is just not going to cut it at this level. The fact that there are pull up bar exercises in the other DVDs reveals that you should have a pull up bar and if you do, use the damn thing. Doing lat work with bands is something I would expect from P90 or one of the other female oriented videos since they seem to shy away from the art of the pull up. This video is almost like a prequel to IA, it is a gentle, pedantic stroll through exercises that either don’t have the range or breadth to be of much use or would be more at home during a yoga session. Half way through the workout I realized I was angry. This was not what I signed up for by any measure. So this will have been my last foray into the Back To Core DVD. I think instead I will do deadlifts, chin ups and ARX, at least then I won’t end up frustrated and angry at Shaun T for what I can only surmise is a sell out filler DVD of the set.

Tomorrow is Vertical Plyo, that should cheer me up!