2 Weeks Of Change

IMG_1119So I got a new fitbit from Costco. It’s a Charge HR again but the big news is that it now comes with a stopwatch!!

I have also decided that since paying attention to the work I am doing isn’t really keeping me engaged I would try something else and it’s going to be a weightloss of 5lbs in 2 weeks. See I have 2 weeks off from coaching and I would like to go back to the gym afterwards looking like I did at this time last year. Of course that is because right now I don’t. I am around 238lbs right now and 19-20% fat which is too high. I figure if I can burn 5lbs of fat in the next 2 weeks I can get my percentage down to 18-19 which should give me a good shot at hitting 17% this year, something that I haven’t done since University. My lowest last year was 18% which for a guy isn’t that great to be honest.

The picture to the left is me last summer when I was at my lowest BF%. I will try to post a picture tomorrow of what I look like now so that in 2 weeks we can all marvel at the tiny changes 🙂

So for 2 weeks it will be strict Keto, very low dairy and a variable calorie deficit of somewhere between 500-1000 calories a day.

It’s going to be horrible but really it will give me something to aim for, something to focus on and I would be really happy if I went back to gym in 2 weeks and people actually noticed a difference.

But will they? I know I am super critical of myself and that I notice every little thing but will it make a difference to the casual observer, I guess time will tell.

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