RehabD9 – Getting Serious

Yesterday was my first return to what I would consider a “normal” style workout.

10 rounds:

5 chin ups
10 pushups
15 squats

10 rounds:

5 dips
10 vsnaps
15 military pushups

Time will tell, I know I am pretty sore this morning but how I wake up tomorrow will be a big indication as to whether I am ready to get back to my workouts or not. The crappy thing is that I probably won’t be sleeping in my own bed tonight, we are heading to Huntsville for a wedding and if I don’t get stuck at work I will have to sleep there. That may confuse the issue or compound the soreness, but whichever it is I think however I feel tomorrow may partially be a result of a new bed. As of right now, I am sore, but mobile, not really much of a change from a normal day, my back cracking  a lot, stretching is painful, even the hunch is painful today not just tight. I also was up at 4am to come to work which means I am a little short on sleep which I am sure isn’t helping. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of feeling like an injured player and the start of getting back in the game.

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