10.54-56 – The Weekend

For some reason I feel like I am running on empty lately. My weight is going nowhere and I am eating normally so I am curious as to why I feel so drained. Friday I actually squeezed in a workout and for the weekend I concentrated specifically on Olympic lifting. Sunday was a wash because we were out with friends and I was supposed to do Yoga but I played around in the pool instead.

Monday’s WOD was an interesting exercise. I wanted to see if we could do 1000 abs, it wasn’t that tough actually but ending with 100 squats was a killer. I will take a picture of the actual workout when I am back there tonight, but it was 9 types of abs work plus squats, 100 reps of each for a total of 1000 reps.

Today is cardio, the reason these entries are so short lately is because I am not working from my desk but rather at a remote location and the work is tough and relentless. I am upgrading the network and so I spend my whole day recabling racks of network drops, it’s no fun and is physically very challenging. I will be glad when it’s over and things can get back to normal.

For the record, I bought some new bumper plates and so I have been trying to increase my clean and press weight. I should be at bodyweight, but currently I am a way short of that goal. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will see me getting to bodyweight for deadlift and squat, then eventually for clean and then clean and press.

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