Bootcamp 2.6.2

With blocks and med balls and db

standing, straight leg on block, leg raise to hip
same but backwards for butt
same each side

shoulder push up
box dip
side reach with db
laying leg raise
full situp

side front row with db
db/mb straight arm twist
arx bicycles
weighted crunch

pushup side arm balance
arm straight ball pass side to side shoulder height
laying side crunch
leg lift with bum raise
full crunch arms up with weight

high plank knee to elbow cross
russian twists with weight
laying bicycles with hold
legs up reach alternate
pulse 50 crunch

pushup arm balance toe touch
dog raise leg kick
dog raise back forehead to kick out
plank spider no pushup
insanity in and out with run 4/8

TGU to hip raise no stand
same with foot on block
(feet on block)
hips up raise
hips up leg up
hips up twist
hips up elbow to knee switch

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