November Planning – The Road Ahead For Fall

I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I am loving having an olympic bar in the garage so I can do some light O-lifts when I feel like it. My affair with the Kettlebell is still going strong and with the bootcamp class I am teaching I have plenty to do even without P90X and Insanity. But that is a bit of a problem, fitting it all in is getting tougher and with P90X2 on the horizon it’s going to be tougher still. However, I am thinking that P90X2 won’t be like Insanity or Insanity:Asylum, I think I will try to do the full program just like I did for my first round of P90X all those years ago.

For now though I am resolving to make a couple of changes for November and hit a couple of goals.

I am cutting down my nuts intake, for some time now I have been snacking on nuts during the day and it has become mindless. It’s not a great habit to have and I think I will go back to my half cup once a day.

I am still around 233 or so and would like to hit 228 by month end if possible. That would leave 8 lbs to lose for December. It is getting incrementally harder to cut weight as I get closer to my goal, whether that is 220 or 200, either way, it’s hard!

I am going to do one P90X workout and one Insanity workout every week. With bootcamp making 3, RKC makes 4 and O lift makes 5 I think that’s a reasonable goal.

I’d like to take some more pictures at the end of the month too, I have been at a place where I wanted to take some shots but didn’t, if I stick to the plan for the month, I should be back there and ready to change the picture on the main site. I like the one there, but I am leaner than that now and seeing that every day isn’t motivating me any more.

Also, finally I am going to try and get more sleep. I suck at this to be honest and I don’t really know how to fix it without rebelling against myself. Maybe an extra half hour will be enough, maybe it will take an extra hour of shuteye, but unless I start I will never know.


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