R8D5&6 – Equipment and Improvisation

I decided that since a few of us needed some supplies that I would take a run to the fitness store with the best pricing, which around here at least is Fitness Avenue and pick up some stuff. For myself I decided on a rafter mount chin up bar for the laundry room so that during the bleak Canadian winter I can still crank out appropriate chin ups. Unfortunately, the door mounted bar isn’t cutting it any more. I also opted for a 55lb kettlebell at around 1.09 a lb and a set of gymnastics rings. I went for the rings primarily since I wanted to do 2 things, ring dips and muscle ups. I am not sure I will ever get to the point of being able to do muscle ups, I don’t think I have the flexibility in my shoulders and a little too much bulk. But at the very least I have an extra variety of pull ups and ring dip capability.

So this week was a real mix of stuff I hadn’t planned and things I made up on the spot. What with the crossfit trip, an injured calf, a strained hip flexor and ribfest in Aurora on Sunday the week was all over the place. However I am happy to report that I only skipped one day and that was very well earned. Friday was the off day, mostly to help recover my sore shoulders, on Saturday I did a 5K run/walk to try and test out my calf which went well. I have not done any cardio workouts since I strained my calf and I am really feeling it! Sunday I felt I had neglected my chest and triceps so I did a short workout with pushups and ring dips. It was 8 sets of each, with 4 kinds of pushups involved. I loved the ring dips, they are far more difficult than dips on my homemade dip station given that you need to squeeze the rings into your body as you dip. I am looking forward to getting back into some cardio this week, and getting back on track with the plan. I also have to try out my new larger kettlebell and see how much harder that is.

By the way, Ribs Royale in Aurora do a wicked full rack.

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