R7D18-21 – On Track.


This weekend saw my daughter with another fever. We had been out at a birthday party for my wife’s cousin’s daughter and once we got back it was furnace city for the little one. Luckily I had planned a day of rest so as she went to bed I did a little Fountain of Youth Yoga, tweaking my back in the process. I think my ITB was too tight yet again and I had been experiencing unusual back spasms all day. Anyway, I broke off the yoga after about 30 minutes and took some advil since during a reverse half moon my back disagreed with the whole philosophy and decided to act out.

Since my Pure Cardio on Thursday, I took Friday off and ended my week with Arms and Shoulders on Saturday. I had planned to take Sunday off but thought a bit of yoga may help my aching back. It did not. However, that brings me to week 4, a planned rest week that I can ill afford with Warrior Dash just 13 days away. I think I need to do some running for the next 2 weeks, since the Warrior Dash is 4km long and there will be running involved. I guess today’s job will be to convert my rest week into a cardio / running skill week to improve  and condition my running.

Did I mention that I HATE running.

This is also the last week of 2010 gymnastics. 2011 season starts on Monday and with it a new round of conditioning for the girls to endure. I have a feeling that we will be working on strength this season, the weak point of almost all of the girls seems to be arm and back strength. Not only that, but the cardio endurance to go through 3 hours of training is lacking somewhat, definitely another area to work on.

I will likely be taking Monday and Wednesday off this week, with coaching and today’s sore back. However, I’m committed to the running thing. I want to try and get 25km done in the next 13 days. (I’m actually giggling out loud thinking of ever coming close to doing that!).

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