R7D12-15 Happy Father’s Day

As usual, sticking with the plan is the biggest challenge but as I sit here on day 15 having successfully managed to fit working out and coaching into a Monday afternoon I am feeling pretty good. After my Plyo revisit, I finished the week with Shoulders and Arms, followed by  a light cardio workout that was supposed to be Pure Cardio. The issue this week was being away for the weekend in Hastings for Father’s Day, and although I was resolute in my determination to fit the workouts in, I didn’t make it. So, Monday I made sure I put the workout first and managed the following RKC (in short order!).

3 rungs
20 overhead swings
4 rungs
10 snatches
5 rungs

I didn’t have much time but in comparison to the last 2 weeks, this was a success! I am entering my third week and because of the inability to fit all the days in I am considering skipping the rest week since it is really only necessary when you are working out 6 or 7 days a week. Maybe the best thing to do would be to insert a 4th week of what I have been doing instead and try to get the participating days up to at least 5 out of 7. Good news on that front is the reduction for the summer of coaching hours to 2 days instead of 3. Even if I pick up another class or try to do some bootcamp type training, hopefully the time involved will enable me to get something done on that third day.

I am pretty excited about doing P90X and Insanity workouts this week, but I suppose I should get over my hang up with IA and do the vertical plyo workout next week, but either way, I have managed to nail Monday, I am off work tomorrow meaning a day to do whatever I want and then look forward to hitting a 6 days out of 7 week. Woohoo!

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