R6 I:A D17 – The Punishment

It was almost a week before I got to do Vertical Plyo. I had a serious stomach bug for a few days and was not able to get to the basement to do much of anything. So last night, after re-arranging the basement furniture for the new “baby nook” play area, I launched into VP. It was not just hard, it was brutally embarrassing. Since I have to do the Warrior Dash in about 6 weeks I definitely need to step it up because last night was a joke. Granted, I had been off a week and had been sick but still it was like I was back at P90X Day 1 trembling and sweating in a disgusting pile on the floor. Still, I did it knowing that it was the only way to get back to where I was just a short week ago. I plan to get at least 5 days in a row to get my wind back and get my strength back so we will see how that plays out. Thank God I chose to leave the couch in the basement, I think it may come in handy the next few days!

All that remains now in the vein of finishing the whole workout scheme is to build the baby kitchen, move the inversion table to the garage, get the fish tank out of the garage along with the headboard my wife wants to “create” in her “spare time” and clear out some extra space for an olympic bar and some weights to set up a mini Crossfit box in my garage. That’s all. Plus some parenting…

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