R5D49 – Light Day and The Return Of Tony – P90X+ Style!!

He's baaaack!

I finished light day and was happy that the workout was, in fact, easy. I think I overdid it a little last week, my back has been feeling off and with the coaching spotting back handsprings I have been overworking myself. So yesterday, Monday, came as a welcome rest. Today has the ring of opportunity and anticipation to it since I managed to score the P90X+ discs. So I am modifying the plan a little. I have 2 variety days that I am going to fill with P90X+ workouts and maybe if I am feeling really good, one of the off days also. The P90X+ workouts are as follows as far as I can tell:

Interval X Plus
Kenpo Cardio Plus
Upper Plus
Total Body Plus
Abs-Core Plus

I am concerned over the Kenpo, it was a dud during P90X and also having a full day of core, but I will give it a shot and tell you what I think. Today will be Interval X Plus if I can remember to take the discs home.


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