R5D44-7 – Off Sick But Trying

For the most part my workouts this week really sucked. I did the bare minimum until today, Friday, since I did nothing yesterday. So today, while feeling somewhat better I decided on the following:


10 x 205lb bench
5x KB Clean with 45lb and 70lb alternating each round
5 pullups

I managed 7 rounds total, 4 with 45lb KB and 3 with the 70lb KB. It was around 20 minutes but I am not too sure of the time since there were some distractions along the way. I feel like crap but it was good to get a decent sweat from working out rather than sitting on the couch shivering. Tomorrow is heavy day which will be a test with 5 rungs on each of the 5 ladders for the first time. At least I then get Sunday off…

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