R5D17-19 RKC And Mounting Frustrations

I can’t be the only one who is frustrated and confused by not having to work out 90 minutes a day. I know I should be over it by now but it is frustrating me to no end to occasionally have to work out for only 20 minutes. Last night I did TGU however even with the warmup it was 15 minutes. So I did some one arm swings as well and then some cleans and clean and presses. But it left me thinking that I was taking it too easy on myself. So, I know what you are thinking, “just do more”. Well, I would but I don’t want to├é┬ájeopardize my other workouts and not only that, but I am thinking (paradoxically) that I am also being too hard on my back. I seem to be doing KB workouts 2 days in a row and then deadlifts and then back to KB again which seems like a lot of back work. However, it may also be that this is the way it should be, train your functional parts the most so they stay functional!

I took Thursday off, a combination of late home, an extra hour of coaching and some soreness from the single arm swings from yesterday. However, I have to quit doing that since I love to take Fridays off to celebrate the end of the week! So now I face having to work out today with quite a sore back and the whole weekend, putting together 3 heavy back days back to back to back. I am seriously thinking about having a rest week featuring 8 days of P90X and Insanity workouts to both break the monotony a little and make me feel like I am keeping up with the Hortons.

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