R4 D64 – Chest, Shoulders and Tri (P90X loses again)

kbinfo_onearmsnatchI decided that I would modify my work yet again and this time develop a short workout that I could measure for rounds and time. That means you take certain movements and repeat them to failure which will give you both a repetition goal and a time goal. For me, because it was chest, shoulders and triceps I did bench with 135 lbs (due to my still sore shoulder), kettlebell swings or snatches with 25lbs and bar dips.


10 bench press (should be bodyweight) 135lb
10 single arm KB swings with 25lb (should be 35lb or 55lb) Technically I did one arm snatches, weight going above my head.
10 bar dips
Result: 7 rounds in about 22 minutes.

I managed to get through 7 rounds before my KB swings gave out. I was disappointed that I couldn’t bench my bodyweight for the workout but since my shoulder is still tender, although much better, I have to be careful. Surprisingly the KB swings didn’t hurt but were damn hard work. That was the first time I had ever worked KB swings into a workout, mostly because I don’t have KBs but use dumbbells instead. There is a great deal of technique involved with the KB swings and I don’t recommend doing them without doing a good deal of research into form before you start. THere are plenty of videos on youtube that will show you shockingly bad form and could lead to injury so do some searching and find input from people who are certified to teach the KB workouts.

I found a good site HERE with a list of available and recommended form for KB movements.

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