Day 30 – MILESTONE!!!


Gotta love lolcats -

I can’t believe I am 1/3 done already. Looking back at the changes in my fitness I am really excited for the next 60 days. It kind of blows my mind that I have done 30 days already…

Hmm, I was worried this may happen. Tonight during Plyometrics I found myself tiring very quickly, more quickly than usual and realized that over the past few days my vegetable intake and fruit intake has fallen a little. I was concerned that after a week off I would be sore, tired and in desperate need of sleep however I did not anticipate “bonking” during the workout. It probably didn’t help that we had Greek food about an hour before and the whole basement was filled with the smell of bad tzatziki breath. Anyway, I pushed through, that is what we P90X’ers do you know! It was nice to have a workout that I remembered, or at least was slightly familiar with. The time went quickly but I was bagged about half way through. I was literally dripping with sweat and my heart rate was way above 150, a sure sign that my body was underfueled. My legs felt heavy, my arms were sore from yesterday’s reintorduction to the weight workouts and I generally felt pretty terrible. However, there is something about seeing yourself in the mirror as you exercise that can be incredibly motivating. Needless to say I didn’t quit after watching my chunky butt doing jumping jacks…

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