Day 23 – Uncharted Territory

Core Synergistics.

If you ever decide that you think this may be a fun time, maybe even that you are up for the challenge I suggest you bear one thing in mind.

Tony Horton is a lying 0% bodyfat weasel.

Tony doing his one arm pushup...

Week off my butt! This is not rest, this is just a Little bit of everything from pushups to core, from plyometrics to curls all rolled into one vicious little workout. I envisioned a week of pampering, gentle stretches, cool breezes wafting over my body as I massage my aching soul with simple, preferably laying down, comforting exercises. Not likely. If you call this a rest week then you need your head examined. Just because we don’t do chinups for a week doesn’t make it a week off! The workout had weights and most of the exercises that didn’t have weights were core of some kind. In fact, at one point it felt like I was in one of my own Gymnastics classes because the moves were so similar to what I get the kids to do every fall. Anyway, once I got over the shock of not being wrapped in cotton balls and tickled with a feather I found the workout was OK. It wasn’t gut wrenchingly difficult, I didn’t make any of the scary noises I tend to do during the regular workouts so I suppose in a way it was a “break” from the usual. It was, however, a lot of abdominal work which I assumed it would be. Some of the moves I found difficult, some indeed were impossible for me at this point. I am not looking forward to being able to dothem because frankly they look painful but I suppose at some point I will be able to.


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