Day 15 – Honeymoon pants

Today is the start of week 3. This is identical to 1 and 2 but this is the last of that specific rotation. This means this is my last week to try to perfect this sequence of moves. This in itself is a big motivator for me. I know the workout, I know the kind of intensity and the length and I can really push myself to try and perfect the total exhaustion point to be at the very end of the workout. I have not moved Ab Pooper X yet, however I think that I may do that for the next phase. I just think my abs are too tired at the end of the regular workout to get a really solid flex that will provide a good failure point.

L.L.Bean - Great store in the North East US. Dropped by an outlet during our honeymoon and just loved their stuff. You can order online too!
L.L.Bean - Great men's outdoor stuff.

This morning, although my weight does not seem to be moving much, I put on my pants that I bought 2 years ago during our honeymoon. We went to the L.L.Bean outlet in Portland Maine as part of one of our excursions from the cruise. They had the greatest outdoorsy type stuff for men. I would say it is like Roots a little, just more rugged and a little less poserish. I was also very happy to find that you can actually buy online and they will ship to Canada, something they only started last year! The point of buying them was as a reward for losing the 45lbs I lost for the wedding. They fit pretty well and they were the smallest pants I had bought in years. Since then they haven’t seen much action. I gained about 20lbs in the couple of months after the wedding while basically not caring what I ate. As time progressed I was out of the gym basically being a lazy ass and not eating well and of course, as you would have predicted, gained most of the weight back. Not to be too hard on myself at my highest weight which was very, and I mean VERY close to 295lbs I was not working out at all so I was just pudding. After I gained some of the weight back I was 15lbs less and I was working out 5 days a week so the body composition was significantly different. I am currently sitting around 255-260 at about 22% fat according to the scale at home.

Chest and Back.

The only flaw I can find with the back routines here is that there is no work up to the pullups. Since I don’t use a support, a chair or whatever, I find that going straight in to full bodyweight pullups is difficult and is causing me some elbow pain. I think the resolution is to have some kind of support for the first sets and then work up to the full weight. It’s a little frustrating but as my bodyweight reduces I suppose I will get better. I can’t imagine trying to do chin ups with a 45lb plate around my waist, or even a 25 for that matter. So being 20 lbs lighter will no doubt help.

The pushups are cake, all except the diamond pushups which I find hard on my wrists. It is a good tricep workout but I think since I have a bench with weights in the basement that maybe I will substitute some heavy close grip bench presses for the diamond pushups. I am still really struggling with doing Abs after the main workout and I don’t seem to be improving in that area as much as others. What to do…

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