Day 13 – Moolatte or move on.

Kenpo X

Moolatte - The best drink IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Ya, no more of those :(
Moolatte - The best drink IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Ya, no more of those 🙁

It’s taken me 17 days to do 13 days workouts with the sickness and the coaching time off. Tomorrow will be Monday and that will mark 14 days, or 1/6th of the P90X program. It feels like so much longer than that in some ways and in others, like in the physical appearance department it feels like not much has happened. Although I feel like my belt is looser and I know I have dropped a few pounds I am at the 2 week frustration point. This point is the watershed of the workout world. After 2 weeks either your body will win or your determination will win. It is the breaking point where suddenly your body realizes that the changes are most likely long term and so it starts to adjust. It lets go of some bodyfat, boosts its metabolism to catch up and generally starts to adjust to the new regime. Of course, it is also the day that your brain will tell you that nothing is happening and you should probably get a Moolatte and forget the whole thing. It really comes down to that, Moolatte or move on. If you Moolatte, you can expect at least another week of the same battle. If you decide to move on and keep up with the work you will start to see the changes you have been looking for.

Kenpo is my favourite workout. Not because I like martial arts or the thought of beating people up but rather because it seems to last about half as long as most P90X workouts. The kicking is difficult to master especially if you haven’t done any martial arts before. The combinations of kicking and punching or the multiple blocking sequences are challenging also. Today my legs were sluggish, my back was aching but I knew that once I had made it through that I would be fine. I also knew in the back of my mind that one more week of this and I get a week of stretching / rest. The workout went quickly, my heartrate was up in the 140s for most of the hour and I felt great afterwards. Tomorrow is rest day but for me it will be a stretch day.

P90X – So far so good!

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