Round 3 – Work outside! Day 23 – 26.

I got tired of waiting for the garage to be cleaned so I could work out so I decided that as I built the new decks outside I would throw up a chin up bar. I also thought that using a piece of fencing railing which is quite thick (2″) would give me some grip strength benefit too. I also finally got around to making the dip / push up stands which seem wobbly so I may have to do some stability work on them to get them to be safe for use. I will be posting pics as soon as my hosting company gets their stuff sorted out. I also want to get a small stand made for some of my dumbbells to get them off the floor and some other smaller fitness related stuff.

Wow, talk about customer service… Dreamhost fixed my issue already.

New 2" chin up bar

Day 23 – 26

Cardio Power and Resistance
Shoulders and Arms + ARX
Pure Cardio
Legs and Back

Unfortunately I got caught out with having to take 2 days off this week due to unforseen baby issues. However, so far so good, the mix of insanity and P90X is keeping me entertained and challenged and in fact this week I start the Max Insanity sessions so that will be, well, painful I am sure.

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