Warrior Dash Part 3 – The Epilogue

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It’s your just reward for a job well done. A $7 turkey leg and, if you like, a free beer for turning in your timing chip. Immediately following the race we were greeted by a finishers medal, a couple paper cups of water and a mountain of bananas. From there we wandered, dazed and exhausted […]

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R7D36/7 – Warriors Part Deux


I had my heart rate monitor on but the incessant pounding in my ears was enough to tell me that I was hovering above the 160 mark pretty much the whole way around the 5K course. After we extracted ourselves from the darkness (including bumps on the head) we climbed and descended, jogged and walked […]

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R5D48 – Warrior Dash 2011 and Heavy Day

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“When the fight begins within himself, a man’s worth something.” -Robert Browning, 1812-1889 I am up to full speed now with the RKC Rite Of Passage. It’s week 9 of the workout and finally the different days are actually different. The heavy day has 5 rungs of up to 5 reps on each movement looking […]

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