R4 D44 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Kenpo??

KenpoYou know, I almost did Kenpo today. Maybe my memories are foggy or I just got a pang of nostalgia but for a second there I actually missed Tony’s attempts at cardio workouts. Maybe I will sneak in a Kenpo this week somewhere just to go old school and get a longer, lazier workout done. The reality is that the insanity workouts are great but of course, after a while they get repetitive. That is the good thing about having a couple of sets to choose from, even after this long (322 days of BeachBody and counting) you can still go back to a video that you haven’t done in ages. For me, these are the cardio workouts from P90X. Not because they are bad necessarily, but they are anemic in comparison to Insanity. However, a change is as good as a rest so a sprinkling of Tony may be fun.

Instead though, I hustled my way through Plyometric Cardio Circuit, even though I think I was supposed to be doing Pure Cardio. The reason I like PCC is that it is not all cardio, there is an assortment of plank based moves too. For some reason that makes the time go by all the more quickly for me. I would say that this is probably my favourite Insanity workout. I would pick one of the Max workouts but for the fact that they are killers to get through due to the extra round.


I wonder if there is another set I could add to the mix. I don’t know off the top of my head if BB has any other workouts I may like to sub for Insanity, and I don’t really want to get into the Tony 1-on-1 system since I am not that invested. I am also leaning towards more Crossfit and maybe even less cardio, but I don’t want to lose what little endurance I have. Also, I still enjoy the Insanity part of my program, I guess I am just feeling a little unsettled. Max will cure me of that I am sure, either that or forcing myself to do Yoga X or ARX…

Today (Day 45) is P90X Back and Biceps so hopefully I will get this out of my system today and concentrate on which Crossfit WOD to do for tomorrow.

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