Round 4 Day 19 – WOD Fran (again!?)

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So my last attempt at Fran was a bit of a failure. So much so that I didn’t even want to call it what it was supposed to be. According to the Crossfit site, Fran is as follows: 21 Thrusters 95lbs 21 Pull Ups 15 Thrusters 95lbs 15 Pull Ups 9 Thrusters 95lbs 9 Pull […]

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Round 4 Day 12 – I Hate Cindy (and a throwback to day 4)

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So Day 9 was as promised, a version of Cindy however I only managed 15 minutes not the full 20. After 1 round I felt like I was going to die. I managed 13 rounds in the 15 minutes. It was odd though, I thought my chest would explode after 2 rounds but then I […]

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Round 4 Day 9 – The Stuttering Start (And Paleo Saves My Life)

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October 8 2010 While I should have taken 9 days to get to day 9 in fact I have already taken 12 days. This is partly due to the fact my parents are in from out of the country and that we were away last weekend. That being said, I could have put up better […]

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Round 4 Day 4 – WODish 1

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Very loosely based on a WOD from this week. Pull ups 10-10-10 Thrusters which are basically a squat with a shoulder press added on. 2×8 45lbs half squat 2×8 65lbs half squat 4×8 95lbs half squat 2×8 45lbs full squat Legs – jello Shoulders – pumped Back – intact The Thruster:

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