R4 D58/59 – Different This Time

Day 58 – Off.

Day 59 – Shoulders and Arms P90X Style. Due to my lingering injury I was unable to do anything close to my regular weights but there is something kid of liberating about doing hundreds of reps with a light weight. For each round where Tony encourages you to do 6-8 reps for size I opted to do 30 if I had time. It made for a nonstop hectic workout but the time flew and my shoulder actually felt OK even with the upright rows. I did some body weight dips which I was surprised at since i thought they would be too painful to perform. I think my shoulder is getting better fast, the pain is certainly less than half what it was 2 days ago which is a great sign.

six_pack_abs_coupleMy weight seems to have stagnated a little. However, this loss is totally different than any other weight loss I can remember. Usually when I am able to lose weight, I seem to shrink all over and end up as a smaller, lighter version of me. In other words, I don’t think my body composition changes much, I lost muscle and fat and end up being a mini me. This time however I find that my body fat is disappearing and I am really starting to see a change in the basic shape of my body. For once my waistline seems to have been the first thing to change and my pants are all falling off. It’s a bit weird, this has not happened before other than when I was at Western and got down to 11% fat but then again I was only 190lbs. I am hoping that this week is just a readjustment week which often happens after a certain amount of loss. Your body seems to take a breather before scaling down once again. It’s certainly no time to get discouraged since the Paleo lifestyle seems extremely easy to follow and is providing some amazing results. We will have to see what my official weight is on Sunday but as of now I am the same as I was last Sunday, albeit a slightly different shape!