Variety Is The Spice Of Life (and the pain in my chest)

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Variety day went off almost as planned, it was a chest-centric WOD like this: For time: 20 Bench chest extension (45lb KB) 30 bench press (205lb) 40 V-Snaps not Abmat sit-ups 50 squats 20 bench press (205lb) 50 squats 40 V-Snaps not Abmat sit-ups 30 bench press (205lb) 20 Bench chest extension (45lb KB) Since the […]

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R5D35/37 – Medium Day / Rest Day/ More Variety

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Medium day again for Wednesday which is getting better and the 50 swings, although still disconcerting, are getting done. 8 minutes worth this time. We also added an extra ladder, so we are at 4. C&P left 1 C&P right 1 Pull Up 1 C&P left 2 C&P right 2 Pull Up 2 C&P left […]

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R5D31 – The Stunning Revelation (and chest day)

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I decided to do a short chest workout since I was pressed for time getting to coaching. Always looking for weird and bizarre ways to work out I came up with this: Bench: 5 reps, rest 10 seconds x 10 @ 135lbs 5 reps, rest 10 seconds x 7 @ 205lbs 3 reps, rest 10 […]

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