BSRD12 – The Swing Of Things

Changing-prioriteis-198x300So I guess I am into a kind of routine, walking during the day, mostly earlier in the day so I can eat after I am done. If not, then later in the day so I can have dinner right after. I am finding that I am not eating much at all, which is to be expected since I am not doing very much and my weight is relatively stable. Here’s an update on how the rest of the things are going and an insight into my next week.

Sticking with paleo obviously, trying to add more fruit and veg where possible, drinking coconut water where I can instead of coffee. I have smoked more ribs this week, the pork ones turned out spectacular but the beef ribs were a bitter disappointment. Also, the eye of round didn’t come out well either, but if I had some Au Jus it would have been acceptable on a bun.

Walking is going OK, I took it easy last Saturday and took Sunday off, that meant that my hips have been much better the last couple of days. I find that when I walk I still get the shin pain in my right leg and I am still unable to heel walk on my right leg. However I am able to walk 2,5km like I did today at a decent pace. I still take my cane just in case but it’s a bit redundant so far. As far as other working out, I am restricted to limited bench, I haven’t even tried doing any pushups yet. I will be trying to expand my workout a little to get some shoulder work done and some bands work for my back, very limited since that it the biggest concern post surgery. I am also going to drop in some air squats so that I can work a little on my leg range of motion and strength to start getting back up to speed.

The surgery site is still very tender and the steri strips have not come off yet. I have very limited movement forward and that is when it’s most painful. My hips are better than they were, but they may go back to being very painful again after a couple of days walking we will have to see. The shins are much better, in fact no pain in my left leg at all but still some pain about 2 minutes in on my right leg. The pain seems to go away after a while, in fact once I have been walking for a while the hip pain also disappears but that it replaced by a feeling of fatigue that so far is preventing me from walking any further than about 30 minutes. I do still spend an inordinate amount of time laying down however, it’s a pain to stand for too long and too stressful on my back to sit. I am hoping that sitting will become easier so that I can return to a more normal life of standing and sitting, and saving the laying down for bedtime.
EDIT – I also wanted to comment on the hip and upper shin pain on my left leg which should  be unrelated to the back surgery. I get a quite sharp and intense pain in the very top part of my shin almost at my knee on the exterior side. It’s a real discomfort and I can initiate the pain severely if I lay on my back and stretch my left leg straight above my body stressing the hamstring and pulling the whole anterior chain into effect. For some reason that gives me excruciating pain in my shin, and I realize that it’s probably a ITB thing tying into the low back which hasn’t been stretched and is antagonizing the hamstring and thereby pulling on the knee but when it happens, it really doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Nicole’s truck cost $1000 to fix but drives like new. It still could use another $2000 in various repairs and I think for that reason it’s about time we parted ways. With the limited kms on her schedule a lease would be much more sensible and would enable her to be covered under warranty 100% of the time. Nowadays places even throw in oil change schedules as well.
Lightning is much better, although still not exactly a frisky feline. We spent a week giving him fluids under his skin twice a day and it seems to have worked to some degree. He is going for more blood tests Thursday so we will know exactly just how well it worked then.
The weather has been just great for being outside, the mid to high 20s during the day so at least that’s one plus. People ask me all the time how I am doing, and I guess the appropriate response is that I am doing better and I think that is the truth. Each day brings it’s own challenges and pains but I think in the general scheme that I am on the upswing, and that’s the best I can expect at the moment. I do have to admit that it’s been better than I imagined, only because of the nightmare that happened last time. Still, it’s not something I would recommend as a fun time…








R8D65 – Bootcamp Redux Day 1

Today was the start of the second bootcamp session, we are doing 2 days a week now so I decided to bring in the scale and let the participants get their bodyfat measured before we start and then after we are done. Two days a week of bootcamp should make a difference to them no matter if it is strength gain, weight loss or bodyfat loss. I have decided on a 3 day rotation for the class of bodyweight work, weights work and finally a cardio/plyometric day. That way, if they can only come one day a week they won’t get stuck with the same type of workout each time. So we did the weigh in and got to work. Since it is part of the gymnastics class now, the gym girls were there too which is going to make the class pretty big some days.

Before I list the workout though I want to just pat myself on the back a little if you don’t mind.

Last night when I got on the scale I was 231lbs and 15% bodyfat. Now it’s been a while since I posted any of my goals and even though I consistently tell people that it’s not the weight that is important, it’s the bodyfat, I still wanted to get under 220lbs. However, it seems as though I have somehow, without even realizing it, dropped to my goal percentage while my weight has (at times frustratingly) gone nowhere.

As an update seems appropriate so here we go:

Weight 295 lbs (I was probably too embarrassed to put 300!)
Bodyfat 30%
Lean Mass 206.5 lbs
Fat Mass 88.5 lbs
Waist 50″

Weight 231 lbs
Bodyfat 15%
Lean Mass 196 lbs
Fat Mass 35 lbs
Waist 37″

Weight 64 lbs
Lean Mass 10.5 lbs
Fat Mass 53.5 lbs
Waist 13″

I still can’t believe that I have managed to pull off 15% body fat, the last time I was under 15% was when I was at university!

As for the bootcamp peeps, the range was pretty healthy from 21-27% and to be honest I don’t expect to see much of a change since I think most of the participants could use some strength gains not percentage losses.

The class looked something like this:

Warmup followed by…
Cardio Warmup 3 rounds – slow med fast
jog heels up
jog knees up
jumping jacks

Chest and abs 3x60s with 30s rest

Regular pushups
Insanity in and out abs
Military Pushups

Arm support and abs 3×10 reps with 30s rest

ARX in and out
push up single balance
Ski Abs
Plank to elbow and back

Basic static legs – sets of 10×3
Air Squats
lunge walk then lunge kick
squat jacks
mary katherine switch