R8D33 – Risky Business

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I decided to try the WOD from yesterday’s Fitbomb entry which looked like this: Strength: Turkish Get Ups (45lb KB) (I made it through 15 per side, 1-2-3-4-5) Metcon: 5 sets: 12 deadlift 155lb 9 hang clean 155lb 6 push press 155lb (it was actually jerk press but I decided to push) I got through […]

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R5D2 – Tentative / Lazy / Bad Timing

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I was all ready to go today with day 2 of the RKC but after I got home, looked after the baby while my wife went to the gym and ate some of the delicious chili I made I was not really feeling up to it. So I decided to wait until after I coached […]

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R4 D71 – Nice Turkish Get Up

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I was planning to take today off, since the last 2 days of kettlebell exploration have left me sore in some curious places. I thought it would be a good idea to try the Turkish Get Up skill that so many people¬†exalt¬†as a wonderful full body exercise. I had toyed with the idea once before […]

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Round 4 Day 9 – The Stuttering Start (And Paleo Saves My Life)

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October 8 2010 While I should have taken 9 days to get to day 9 in fact I have already taken 12 days. This is partly due to the fact my parents are in from out of the country and that we were away last weekend. That being said, I could have put up better […]

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