10.43&4 – WOD Monday and Bootcamp Weights With Balance!

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Tony H bringing stability balls into the male gym rat psyche. Monday was kind of a compromise, I asked the girls to come up with several moves and I put the numbers up. What we ended up with was a fast (sub-10 minute) workout that was appropriate given the length of training and the heat. […]

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R9D45 Bootcamp 2.9.2 – Cardio. Plus Tony H Ditches Veganism For A Sensible Diet (Paleo)

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So an interesting article caught my eye this morning, Tony Horton claiming that “Yes, I was a vegan for years — and I felt great doing it. But the problem was that I couldn’t keep weight on, eating just veggies, fruit, beans, and nuts, so I had to rethink my strategy. I still eat tons […]

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R5D27 – The Return Of P90X Plyometrics.

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I started my rest week yesterday with a return to the Plyometrics DVD from the P90X series. I had expected that I would experience it the way I did when I went through the program “properly” the first and second times. I was mistaken. If there was ever a time when I needed validation, this […]

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Tony Horton – Off The Vegetarian Deep End

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The Facebook update from Tony today was preambled by this: “I eat fish and chicken but 90% of my diet is plant based.” That in itself is really not that shocking, although the percentage may be scrutinized to provide enough protein and fat however, the site he is promoting goes on to say this: “The […]

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Tony Goes Off

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OK I admit, Tony is a certain way on his videos that some of us find a little hard to take. However, it’s about getting the message across and in case any of you were in any doubt as to Tony’s true feelings towards you and all those P90X users out there then check out […]

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