Another One Bites The Dust.

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So I have used activity tackers and HR monitors for several years now and I have come to the conclusion that basically they all suck. Not because of the tech behind them or the amazing apps or wide range of use but rather because they are not built to last. I started out with a […]

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R7D45 – Surprise Workout! Suunto Movescount and Firstbeat Athlete

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It’s been hot, I know, I keep saying that but last night was so hot they cancelled training at gymnastics. Probably wise, it was a real scorcher! So I was left to ponder what to do, luckily though I have a plan so I pulled up the schedule and got to work. I was scheduled […]

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R7D38-42 – Pure Cardio. Pure Hell Part 3 (and the worlds worst excuse).

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I just realized that through the evolution of my workouts from my first days with Tony to my divorcing ShaunT, albeit temporarily, I have stuck to one notion when it comes to the Pure Cardio workout. After typing the entry heading I thought it looked familiar so I went back and checked. I already have […]

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