R9D26 – Balance And Power, Phase 2 And Standing Desk Update

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I’m going to start at the end first. It’s not pretty, but click on the graphic to the left to see some interesting stats. It’s been almost 7 months that I have been standing at my desk at work. There are a couple of things I have noticed that are a bit of a surprise […]

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R7D28-29 – I’m Still Standing.

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It’s my 9th day of standing at work. I sometimes feel like I am doing a charity event or something, seeing how long I can go and letting people bet on the outcome. Most people think it’s a bit odd but given my history of having had back surgery I use the “sitting is uncomfortable” […]

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R7D22 – Stand

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July 19 2011 – The day the desk died. So it’s not the first time I have tried this epic movement away from my desk chair. Once again it was a post by Fitbomb that encouraged me to get my ass out of my chair and convert my work space to a standing space. The […]

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