BSRD20 – Updates


I have been on a 5 on 2 off schedule, taking the weekend off walking to spend more time with Nicole and Elyse who both seem to sleep an awful lot. I have been trying to add some very light weights work in order to reactivate some areas of my body which has included some […]

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BSRD12 – The Swing Of Things

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So I guess I am into a kind of routine, walking during the day, mostly earlier in the day so I can eat after I am done. If not, then later in the day so I can have dinner right after. I am finding that I am not eating much at all, which is to […]

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BSRD9 – The Weekend Is Here


I just wrote several paragraphs that got lost due to the inexplicable frailty of the ridiculous Bell internet service we have. I am not going to repeat the effort, so here are the basics. Hips still very painful, intermittently so. Will skip walking tomorrow to see if it helps. Walked downtown yesterday, not impressed with […]

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BSRD3 – Pain Tolerance

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I went for a 2km walk early this morning, but it was apparent as soon as I started that trying to stop taking Percocet today may have been a mistake. Before I even got to the end of the street my shins were on fire on my right leg. Strangely I cannot get rid of […]

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Back Surgery Recovery Day 2 (BSRD2) – Summer is finally here!?

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Today was a wonderful day weather wise which is so much better for rehab than the dead of a Canadian winter. I was able to get out and walk twice again today for a total of 1.6km or so, slightly ahead of my projected goal of 1.5k. I will try for 2k tomorrow but I […]

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