R5D20 – 5×5 Weighted WOD

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On the way back from work today I bought myself a 50lb MIR weighted vest. Since I lost the last 40lbs I have wanted to reward myself with something, since I was supposed to do so when I reached 250lbs. It makes sense that I should get a weighted vest since I am now doing […]

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R4 D71 – Nice Turkish Get Up

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I was planning to take today off, since the last 2 days of kettlebell exploration have left me sore in some curious places. I thought it would be a good idea to try the Turkish Get Up skill that so many people¬†exalt¬†as a wonderful full body exercise. I had toyed with the idea once before […]

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R4 D45 100 Pullups

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Supposed to be back and biceps but I am not a fan of the chin up bar in the basement so I decided that I would just hit the bar in the garage and see how I do at 100 pullups. I didn’t realize that there is a WOD (Angie) that calls for 100 pull […]

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