The Low Carb Prejudice – Start By Knowing What Is Wrong

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YOU NEED TO READ THIS! Yesterday, in my excited confusion I forgot that I hadn’t built my 24″ box yet for my box jumps. And that I don’t have a rope for double unders. So instead I struggled through RKC warmup and TGU while the baby looked at me with a stare of utter bewilderment […]

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Round 4 Day 35 – Chest and Tri, no rest. FitDay and the Protein Issue.

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So my weight this morning was a low 266.8. That makes 15.2 lbs lost on the Paleo diet and thanks to FitDay I know why. I am having a hard time keeping up with the amount of calories I need to keep my fat ass fat. Yesterday I was short almost 1500 calories but still […]

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