R9D2 – P90X2 – Plyocide Review

It’s Friday today, if I get home early enough I will complete this bad boy, if not, it will have to wait until tomorrow since I have to coach today.

This morning I felt great after X2 Core yesterday, my knot in my back is gone, thanks to the foam rolling I guess. The workout wasn’t that hard, I do lots of that kind of stuff for my bootcamp but there was enough technical challenge for me to stay focused. I guess being in shape already it’s not supposed to be brutal, but more of a technical exercise anyway. I am sure Plyocide won’t be such a pushover. I am reviewing it here as a log of the movements done, I will report back tomorrow or maybe during the weekend as to exactly how much of a challenge it is!

For plyocide you need all the regular stuff, a foam roller, mat, water and in addition an X taped on the floor and also if you have it a plyo box to do box jumps and so on.

The warmup is the same pretty much as X2 Core, and just like P90X the warmups are probably all going to be pretty standard.

Stability ball work
twists, squats, side bends, lunge back, shelf stockers.

Foam Rolling – Myofascial release using the foam roller
This is a great section to do daily and even better to go into more detail with when you have tight spots or knots.
Roller Sphinx
Worlds Greatest stretch (runners stretch with a double twist) alternating legs with brief hold each count.
Inch Worm – from standing, hands on floor, walk out to plank and back
Scorpion – Laying face down arms out 90 degrees, bend knee bring your foot up to your butt and lift away from the floor. Gently twist the leg to the opposite side of the body but don’t go too far!
Groiners – runners stretch foot switch

The Plyocide Workout:

Wide leg tiptoe squat – Simple wide squat up to tip toes 35 reps
Killer Katherine Lunge – Mary Katherines with med ball side to side, first at hip height then overhead
Fast Feet Chair Jump – Football fast feet with jumps added in
Slalom Line jump – jump over your taped line and back in a slalom forward then back
Water Break
Warrior 3 lunge – W3 back to lunge then back to W3
Jack In The Box Knee Tuck – Touch floor to tuck jump
Think Drill – wide feet football run with occasional sets and stance and arm changes
Spartan Squat Lunge – Squat touching opposite foot, jump into lunge and raise arm overhead. Do both sides!
Water Break
Super Skater Kicks – Exactly what it sounds like!
Depth Charge – Use plyo box, step up, jump down far side then straight jump.
Frog Burpee Hop – burpee with tuck jump
1 leg slalom – hopping slalom
Water Break
1 leg squat – Not pistols, just squat touch floor
Surfer Spin – Jump turns. Start with 2 half turns, then try full turns
Power 90 Cross Hop – Use taped cross and hop across quadrants then switch to other 2 quadrants
Wide Leg Jump Press With Med Ball – Like the X jump but with a med ball
Water Break
Launcher Lunge – With med ball, shelf stacker lifting non loaded leg away from body
Toe Tap 360 – Tap toes on med ball on floor, work all around the ball
Flying Fighter Kicks – scissor front kick followed with back kick
Set Sprint Plank Plyo Jump – Football set to high knee sprint to plank to plyo pushup to jump. Tony calls the order, you follow!

10 Minute Cool Down

This looks pretty intense and I am looking forward to the challenge!